About Me

I empower parents to be the best parent they can be

About Lisa Duffin Parent Coach

I work with parents that know there is a better way to parenting than just surviving it

Having studied child development and human psychology for many years, I know the tremendous impact that emotional events in a child’s early years can have on their life. I love working with individuals to heal themselves so they can show up as the best parent they can be and one that their child deserves

Certified Mindset Coach

Masters (MSc) in Educational Psychology/Child Development

Expert In Parental Coaching

Teaching and Speaking

I provide bespoke workshops for parents and speak at events and on panels. My areas of expertise are parental resilience, parenting paradigms, work life balance, boundaries and reparenting.

Contact me to enquire about speaking at your event or delivering a workshop

Middlesex University

Lisa has brought together our staff Parents and Carers network by providing important and incredibly useful sessions on resilience and boundaries across parenting and caring responsibilities. Our members found the Q&A sessions extremely useful. As a result our network has bonded and now have the tools to support one another

Mindset Coaching Academy

Lisa delivered two fabulous workshops for the Academy on positive parenting mindset and parenting in a pandemic. Both were really well received and we will definitely work with her in the future

Why work with me?

I’m a certified coach with a Masters (MSc) in Educational Psychology/Child Development. I have a wealth of experience working globally with adults and children in educational settings, mental health settings, and challenging behavior units.

I am also a qualified NLP Practioner, Time Line Therapy Practioner, and trained in Hypnosis, EFT, and various other modalities. The coupling of my education in neuropsychology, learning, and behavior and my experience working with numerous coaching modalities means I can offer a valuable service to you that is grounded in science, is transformational, and truly one you can trust.

I have also done the inner work.

I’ve worked with brilliant therapists and coaches to unpick and unpack my own conditioning. I’ve traveled the path, overcome the obstacles and I can honestly say it is the best investment I have ever made. In 2020, I decided that I wanted to extend my knowledge and help guide people on their own conscious journey inward. I am grateful to be able to say that I now consider this my life’s work.