Hi! I’m Coach Lisa

Founder and Creator of the Transformative Parenting Technique.
My mission is to empower parents to fully embrace and enjoy the most important role they'll ever have.
I am a certified Parent Coach with a Masters (MSc) in Educational Psychology/Child Development. I have a wealth of experience working globally with children and adults in educational settings, mental health settings and challenging behaviour units.
I am also a qualified NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy Practitioner and trained in Hypnosis, EFT, and various other modalities.
The coupling of my education in neuroscience, learning and behaviour and my experience working with numerous coaching modalities mean I can offer a valuable service to you that is grounded in science, is transformational and truly one you can trust.
My work as a Family Coach includes 1:1 work with parents and families and delivering workshops and trainings online.

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